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Work time should be play time

Work time should be play time

Have you ever noticed that there are times at work when you forget you’re actually working and it feels like you’re naturally enjoying yourself or even playing? Chances are that at that time you were using your personal unique strengths. When we are using our strengths it is relatively effortless and feels fun and energising – in other words more like play! Obviously in many roles especially senior ones, there are other factors involved which come in to cloud this including external stressors and workload, however even in these environments some individuals find they are using their strengths and enjoying the pressure.

So if you cannot recognise this description and feel you have little or no ‘play time’ in your role, then step back and consider what you know to be your personal strengths and take a look at whether you’re using these in your day to day work. This process may provide some useful reflections and make you think of different ways you can do your current role to play better to your strengths, or even in fact to reflect on a role change in your career.

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