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Talking to ourselves…

We’ve been talking to ourselves … haven’t we

Literally and metaphorically.

Ourselves and our own ‘kind’

C’mon, how many of us have really reached out across the myriad of divides to really talk to the ‘other’?

… And when it comes to it, after any human conflict, however large or small, all we’re left with is talk…

… the ‘2 Cs’ – Conversation and Choice. The choice to either use talk to keep the divide and push us further apart, or to attempt at least to repair the rupture…

… “But we’re past the point of talking now”, “it’s too late” some say – look, most of us, all of us most affected by this recent seismic decision, will live into our 90s or 100s – so we’ve got plenty of time to talk, and many years to live with the consequences….

… let’s stop talking to ourselves and have real conversations with each ‘other’ across the divides

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