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Take a quick look back

Take a quick look back and take a more confident step forward

The media at this time of year is full of adverts for New Year resolution type stuff. Whatever view you have of all this, it does benefit all of us to reflect every now and then

So to invest a small, but valuable amount of energy in your professional life, take 15 minutes (or more if you wish) to reflect lightly on the last year. I say “lightly” because it’s not about dwelling too much or doing the “if onlys”, rather try to be dispassionate and reflect on what worked well for you in your work life, what worked less well and of course why – and what in turn you have learned about yourself?

When you stop to think about it perhaps you gained some valuable new experience which you can apply in a new setting? Maybe that feedback you received indicates you’re not perceived by colleagues quite as you thought you were. Or perhaps you’ve realised how good you are at a particular strength and how naturally it comes to you and not to others?

I hope this brief moment of reflection provides you with a new personal professional insight no matter how small. Take this with you into the new year ahead, learn from it and add it to your store of self knowledge.

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