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People management is a privilege

People management is a privilege

Whilst people management (or line management) isn’t for everyone, I consider it a privilege.

When you stop to think about it, it’s possible that you spend more time with your direct reports than you do with your friends and family. So it stands to reason that you can, or will by default, have a significant impact on their lives.

So now think of the best line manager, or boss, you have ever had – and in turn think of the impact they had on your day to day work, perhaps even your whole working life and career. (If you haven’t had one then think about the manager you would have liked to have had).

Now think of yourself as that person and in turn, the positive impact you could maximise on your own staff’s working lives, their empowerment and energy and in turn the benefits to your company or organisation in terms of productivity, commitment, reduced turnover, innovation and so on.

Meeting the needs of your staff in terms of all the other reasons they come to work other than the pay cheque can be a joy, as well as a privilege.

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