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How rich are your conversations?

How rich are your conversations?

This may sound like a strange question… But what’s the variety and diversity of people you talk with and the subjects you talk about?

As a leader, reflect on the power of conversation and whether you’re using conversation to its full potential.

Are you having all the conversations you need to have to help yourself, your team and the business?

What are the patterns of conversation in your business? Are they internally focused, or externally focused? Is it all top down or is there much peer to peer talk?..

Are there repetitive topics that occur, and do these indicate areas where you and your people are stuck and wasting energy?

Who talks to whom in your organisation? And … Who doesn’t talk to whom… And what impact does that have?

What conversations do you have outside of your business and do these help to give you context, perspective and ideas? Or are you too isolated in your dialogue?

And… Do you have at least a couple of people you can talk with about YOU?

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