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Give a man a fish…

… and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. I’m sure you’ve heard this classic proverb. For me the leadership equivalent must be to teach every client to self-coach so that they are not only in a better position after working with me than they were at the start, but they are also better placed to tackle the future challenges of their business and professional life. I’ve been developing an idea for a while now that supports this. It’s very simple. What many clients tell me they value – as well as the confidential space, listening and non-judgemental safety of my coaching – are the different, thought provoking questions that they don’t ask themselves. In their oft-used words “you make me think”. And of course, there is no reason why this great thinking can’t continue way beyond our initial coaching sessions. In a great final session with a client recently we worked on developing his own personalised suite of ‘favourite’ questions to use as a practical, real world self-coaching tool. We worked together to identify which questions were most impactful and valuable for him. He is using these as a prompt to self-coach to help him sustain the direction of travel he had already made great progress with and to help prevent him from slipping back to ‘old ways’.

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